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Зовут меня Маша или Мария, живу в городе Сумы (Украина), замужем, воспитываю обожаемую маленькую доченьку Александрочку. My name is Maria. I live in Sumy (Ukraine). Married, have a little adorable angel of a girl Alexandra

четверг, 28 октября 2010 г.

A Giveaway from LavSvit

I just ADORE Svetlana Glushchenko and all the LanSvit team for their genius work!
There gorgeous designs can't but tap the deepest reaches of any cross-stitcher's soul)
And now they are 1 year old)
And because of this and also because some new designs were launched - LanSvit is going to
NOVEMBER 25, 2010

And the winner will be on cloud nine having an opportunity to choose ANY of the LanSvit kits! That's terrific!
What I just can't understand is HOW to choose out of all the beautiful kits one. 

I have already pleased my soul purchasing a rabbit and a fairy -

So, take part in the draw!!!!
Here are the rules:
1) Become a follower
2) Write a post in your blog telling about the candy (Don’t you just add a link to our candy on your blog sidebar! BUT – write a post to help spread the word!!!) 
3) Comment below (give a link to your blog in the comments)
4) If you are lucky to be the winner - be ready to show our banner on your blog!

Those who will stick to the rules will take part in the candy draw. We’ll pick the winners! We are going to publish the list of the participants beforehand – for you to have a possibility to find out is you are there. So that if you are not in the list, you’ll not be late to learn the reason for this

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