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пятница, 23 апреля 2010 г.

Новый комбезик (вязала бабуля) - A new dungarees (knit by our granny)

Сегодня обновили новый комбезик - творение нашей бабули Танюли. Повезло нам (ттт). Вязанные вещи не покупаем. Радуемся тому, что делают бабулины ручки и спицы!
(Today we wore new dungarees (Lisa, is it right to call it like that?) - it was done by our granny Tatiana. We are the lucky ones to have such a granny))) We do not buy knit things. We are happy to wear the things our granny knits!)

3 комментария:

  1. You got it just right ... the word is dungarees ... How sweet she looks in them.. what a great Granny. My mum can't knit lol
    Love to see your pics .My daughter is 16 now .. the time flies by - so enjoy every precious moment
    Lisa ;)

  2. Hey there - just to say if you pop on over to my blog there is a litttle award for you there
    Lisa ;)

  3. да да)) у нас бабули тоже рукодельницы еще те)))